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Part of the Psychology of Human Behavior


Understanding the Mysteries of Human Behavior


[Audio Only] BT18 Keynote 03 – Birth Order and Human Behavior: Understanding an Elusive Relationship – Frank J. Sulloway


TTC Video – Psychology of Human Behavior


Biology and Human Behavior, The Neurological Origins of Individuality, 2nd Edition


[Audio and Video] BT18 Keynote 03 – Birth Order and Human Behavior: Understanding an Elusive Relationship – Frank J. Sulloway


Drugs, Society, and Human Behavior


Meeting the Trauma-Related Needs of Victims of Human Trafficking: Identification and Treatment Techniques to Help Survivors Recover and Build Thriving Lives


[Audio Only] EP95 Invited Address 01a – The Evolution of Albert Ellis and Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy (REBT) – Albert Ellis, PhD


[Audio Only] EP09 Clinical Demonstration 02 – The Behavior Change Request Dialogue – Harville Hendrix, PhD


[Audio Only] EP95 Invited Address 06b – From Psychoanalytic to Behavioral Methods in Anxiety Disorders: A Continuing Evolution – Joseph Wolpe, MD


Nancy Rappaport – Intensive 2-Day Workshop: Cracking the Behavior Code: High Impact Trauma-Informed Strategies for Challenging, Oppositional & Aggressive Students


Bill Pettit & Linda Pettit – Love & Understanding – Releasing Health in Spirit – Brain – Body and Behavior


Lindsey Van Dyke, DO | Jannette Miller, JD, M. Div – Emerging Technologies in Diabetes Care & Human Trafficking


[Audio and Video] EP09 Keynote 04 – Cognitive Behavioral Therapy in the 21st Century – Aaron Beck, MD interview by Judith Beck, MD


[Audio Only] BT10 Short Course 14 – Equine-Assisted Psychotherapy (EAP) and Animal Assisted Therapy (AAT): Exploring a Brief Effective Alternative to Traditional Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy – Dale Klein-Kennedy, MA


Psychology – The Human Experience


Charles Jacob – 3-Day: Dialectical Behavior Therapy Certification Training


Tamma Ford – Freedom from Compulsive Behaviors


[Audio Only] EP09 Topical Panel 11 – Suicidal Behavior – James Hillman, Cloe Madanes, and Thomas Szasz


The Science of Superhuman Strength


TTC Video – Behavioral Economics: When Psychology and Economics Collide


Mind Persuasion Subliminal Programming – Super Human Intelligence


Malcolm W. Watson – TTC Theories of Human Development


Charles Jacob – Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Trauma, PTSD and Grief